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creative studio

Design is in
our DNA

Visual Accuracy

A product won’t pass our test if the creative intention doesn’t match or exceed expectations across multiple devices and browsers. Going beyond mere functional testing, Fabric uses its painstaking, pixel-perfect attention to detail when testing for visual accuracy.

Creative Review


When comparing the developed product against the creative assets, no detail is too small. This is another reason to tread carefully with emulators - the right look has to be seen and felt on the actual device to make the right comparison.

Fabric’s human-powered QA team verifies that all visual content is present and all copy accounted for according to the project’s finalized designs. We’re type fanatics. Every piece of copy, from the shortest headline to the longest paragraph is studied to confirm correct type size, weight, tracking, line height, and browser-specific rendering.

There are more screens and resolutions than ever before. We examine every breakpoint to test your product’s responsive reactions, from desktop to mobile and everything in between. We even test the site content’s cascading behaviors and pay close attention to make sure all whitespace is both consistent and balanced across all browser environments.