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User Interaction

A broken link. An unresponsive call to action. A form that didn’t submit. A frozen animation. If you haven’t accidentally delivered it, you’ve encountered it with someone else’s product. Nothing frustrates a user more than broken functionality.

Fabric combines the latest industry interaction examination techniques with time-tested methodologies to attack the product from every possible angle, all to ensure that any broken functionality is identified and understood before your product goes live.

Defect Trends

Defect Trends

One example of a way to visualize the status of defects over the lifecycle of a web site launch. By viewing the trends at any given point in the testing process, you can get a gauge for how much more work needs to be done before release.

First the “easy” part: our functionality testing validates that the product behaves as it's supposed to. Next, we break it down in every conceivable way.

Our “positive” tests put your product through its paces when used as intended, while our “negative” tests expose errors to ensure a well-formed post-breakdown experience. Your product will likely have a multitude of different users, from the uninformed to the malicious or just simply unwilling to follow instructions. We assume all these user roles, approaching the interactions from every conceivable angle and on every required platform.

Defect Reports chart how much QA has been completed on your product, how much still needs to be done, and how densely each area is affected by issues, all allowing a look at your project’s health at any given point in time. When combined with the Test Completion Progress, trends identified in the defect reports provide you with clear insight into when the product will be ready for launch.