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Response Time

Immediacy is expected. If your product is taking too long to load the user will be gone before you’ve had a chance to grab them. Modern digital products have a multitude of moving parts, from pre-loading images to cloud-based assets—not to mention a slew of CSS and Javascript files. What your product looks like, and if it works, is just a piece of the puzzle. How it works taps into the user’s emotions, so our tests use emotional tools: humans.

Frame Rate Graph

Frame Rates

In this sample, a web page has loaded and an animation is playing in the browser over the course of a set time period. A tester is able to see the frames per second drop dramatically when the application paints, giving her valuable data for the developer to investigate.

Incorporating the human element into performance testing allows us to fully understand your product’s goals from concept to execution. Our performance tests monitor a cross-section of your product’s architecture from the perspective of a front-end user. Your developers may succeed in making everything render and work correctly, but we test how it feels to use it in the real world.

Every behind-the-scenes element makes a difference in reaching our goal to never leave the user waiting—even if important functionality is still being loaded as they begin their experience.

A script will tell you that your video loaded, but only a human will tell you its playback is choppy. This is a qualitative measure of accuracy, intention, and speed that the eyes and brain can evaluate in ways far superior to software.