We own all
popular devices

So that you
don’t have to

Device Compatible

With a countless assortment of device models, system platforms, and browser versions currently in play, who can keep track? Fabric can, and does, with a state-of-the-art device lab housing the latest and greatest technology and an extensive archive from bygone days.

Virtual machines and cloud-based compatibility engines are cute, but there’s no substitute for engaging with the product on a human level—we won’t sign off on your product until we see exactly what your end user will.

QA Device Lab

No Emulators Here.

Fabric only tests on actual devices.

Supporting any and every platform permutation goes beyond the boldest of briefs. Fabric helps you best strategize what scenarios to anticipate for your users and prioritize them within our test lab. Your mobile apps may have different requirements than your micro-site, which may differ from your banner campaign. Regardless of which devices you choose to support, we’ll test them, in real-time and in person.